Monday, April 13th

Monday, April 13th

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Morning Video:

No video today! Sorry! My camera is having problems. I’ll fix it today and post a video for you tomorrow!


You may do these in any order, but this is my suggested schedule.

  • Question of the Day in Google Classroom 
  • Math 
    • Visit our Math Google Classroom and Click on the assignment for today. You will need to sign in.
    • We are working on Topic 12 review today!  Look at the review on page 665 of your math book. There are hints and tips there! Solve the problems from that page on the form that I assigned in our Google Math classroom. THIS LOOKS LIKE A TEST BUT IT IS NOT! Feel free to use your book or anything else to help you!
    • Videos that might help (not required):
  • Language Arts
    • 30 minutes of choice reading
    • Visit our Language Arts Google Classroom and click on the assignment for today.
    • Read “Building the Transcontinental Railroad” p. 12-19 of your Developing a Nation booklet. Annotate and take notes on it in your paper booklet. You can also read and listen to it on Benchmark.
    • Complete the Key details and Main Ideas worksheet FOR PARAGRAPHS 1 – 12 ONLY! Click on the BLUE words to type on the worksheet. (Find this in Google Classroom)
  • Social Studies or Science
    • Visit our Science and Social Studies Google Classroom
    • Find the Assignment for today.
    • We are reading about the Gold Rush (remember we learned about that on our museum trip?)
    • After, complete the online worksheet attached to the assignment. 
  • PE

Ms. Balcomb will be online to answer questions from 8am-3pm! 

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