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Common Core is about teaching deeper thought and WHY things work, not just how to do them!

How is Common Core math different? Why don’t they just teach it the old way?

Common Core math is about teaching students the concepts about WHY math works instead of just having them memorize the formula. Studies show that this leads to a lasting knowledge that will follow them into their futures.

Sometimes, this means that the students learn many different ways to solve a simple problem. Some of the ways may seem silly or less efficient than the old memorization methods of the past, but they often lay the foundation for concepts that students will learn in later grades.

For example, the picture shows a model method of doing math. The problem on the left is from 4th grade standards. It is an inefficient way of solving 24 x 35 but teaches the student WHY the regular 24 x 35 algorithm works and prepares them to understand the algebraic concept (to the right of the picture) that they will see in high school.

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