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Practice Activities


Multiplication fact practice:

You can buy flashcards to practice with on Amazon for under $4

Timed Multiplication Practice

Math Facts Drills

Math Facts Basketball 

Math Facts Quiz 

Skip Counting Songs 

Multiplication Songs 

MathAids.com – Create your own math practice sheets to print out that focus on your student’s needs

Math-Drills.com – Math practice sheets to print out


English Language Arts

Typing.com – Please log in through CLEVER.com!

Starfall.com – Computer program to learn basic phonics, reading and language skills. FREE! There is a pay option but you don’t need it to use the site.

UNE – Computer games to practice spelling, reading, grammar and writing

Storynory – Reading website with lots of stories. Make sure you are reading at your level!

OxfordOwl – Phonics, leveled online books and activities!

Fiction Readings and Skills/Strategy Guides – Printable stories of all levels with questions. Can search by strategy!

English Learner Word Activities – A page of vocabulary and word activities that are great for learning basic English words

KidZone Cursive – Free printable cursive practice sheets

Recommended Literature Lists – An extensive list of recommended reading for students of all ages


Learning English

School Words

Action Words

Body Parts


Daily Tasks





Action Verbs Audio Concentration Game

Animals of the Farm Concentration Game

Vocabulary Page for Kids

Printable Packets

Sometimes families want more practice work for their students! Here are some excellent resources that you can print off for your student to do at home. These pages are not required and do not need to be turned in for credit.

NOTE: Please make sure that your student has learned a topic before having them do a practice sheet! It can be very confusing for students to be assigned work they have not been taught in class.

Education.com – A collection of printable worksheets for all subjects

TSLBooks.com – Printable worksheets for a variety of subjects with a short description

Summer Practice – A large 43 page packet that can be printed for extra practice on 4th grade foundational concepts