Tuesday, April 14th

Tuesday , April 14th

Suggested Schedule | Contact Ms. Balcomb | District Computer Support: 818-478-2664

Morning Video:


You may do these in any order, but this is my suggested schedule.

  • Question of the Day in Google Classroom 
  • Math 
    • Visit our Math Google Classroom and Click on the assignment for today. You will need to sign in.
    • Today is our Topic 12 test! Make sure you have scratch paper! Don’t try to do the problems in your head.
    • You can take as long as you need, but make sure you submit it when you are done. 
  • Language Arts
    • 30 minutes of choice reading
    • Visit our Language Arts Google Classroom and click on the assignment for today.
    • Re-read “Building the Transcontinental Railroad” p. 12-19 of your Developing a Nation booklet. If you have not done so, finish annotating and take notes on it in your paper booklet. You can also read and listen to it on Benchmark.
    • Complete the Key details and Main Ideas worksheet FOR PARAGRAPHS 13-16. These are the paragraphs we didn’t do yesterday. Click on the BLUE words to type on the worksheet. (Find this in Google Classroom)
  • Social Studies or Science
    • Visit our Science and Social Studies Google Classroom
    • Find the Assignment for today.
    • Watch the Video attached to this post to learn how to power your own boat.
    • After you watch the video, try to make one yourself!
    • After, complete the online worksheet attached to the assignment. 
  • PE

Ms. Balcomb will be online to answer questions from 8am-3pm! 

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