• Columbus Elementary

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Dear families,

Welcome to 4th grade! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you. We are going to have a wonderful year.

Watch my welcome video:

Our first day of school is this Wednesday, August 19th. Class starts at 8:20am! I know you might be a bit nervous, but we are going to have a great time. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week have short schedules so that we can all get used to online learning again. It is very important to attend all of our class meetings this week. We will be designing our own online cartoons, getting our Google Classrooms set up, designing our Class Dojo monsters and more!

I emailed you the link we will use this week for our meetings. This week, please make sure that when you log into zoom the student’s name is showing. If the name on the zoom account does not match the student’s name I will not allow you into the meeting. Please make sure you test it out before 8:20am tomorrow in case there are any problems. Starting next week you will need to be logged in to your student Google account to attend class. Instructions on how to do that and your login information (which is the same as last year if you know it!) will be included in your supply packet that you pick up from school.

Parents, we will communicate using Class Dojo. I sent an invite to the email that is on record with the school, check your inbox! This is a great program that will let us send instant messages to one another and will translate my announcements into your chosen language. It will be vital this year! Please reply to this email if you did not get the invite.

I know you have many questions! We will be getting to them all this week and you can email me or use Class Dojo at any time.

If you need help logging into Zoom, you can contact the district’s technology support team at (818) 478-2664.